Hacker Rank

Hacker rank is a very interesting site. If you like to code, there is a great deal of warm up problems ranging from algorithms, artificial intelligence, and SQL  With a good range of programming languages to use.   Looks like a good site to practice programming  skills with and learn some new ones by solving warm up problems under a particular domain area.


So far the bulk of my effort on the site has been to sharpen my SQL skill set. They do not have test bed for Sybase SQL anywhere, so I have just default to MS SQL.  A few  SQL functions I have not had to use, I have put into practice.    Most of what I have done so far here has been around select problems. Anybody working in the Systems Administrator or Network Administrator space that does not deal with Database on daily bases should use SQL domain on this site to learn SQL .


The other domain I have been doing the warm up problems has been Algorithms  I have not fished working through problem set at this time.  Current language of choice for me here is C#.  I know a few people I know will give me some grief over using C#, but I tend to like it for what little programming I really do for work.   One of the problems gave me a good dive into the different types of int’s  from Int, Int32 and Int64.   One problem was giving me fits as number size for the integer was causing a memory buffer over flow and causing answers to be completely wrong.   Surprisingly between my person computer and  Hacker Rank the over flow happen at same spot in code, and produce a very similar value.   3rd number read in to array and every time it was convert from string to an integer it would cause and overflow changing its value.


My main topics are generally on networking and system admin, with a few on scripting.  However with all the talk I hear about SDN , I thought Hacker rank would be a good site to practice programming and be able to work on a set of problems to help with various programming skills.